We’re in love, Ok? Just trust us. This has nothing to to with healthcare and tax breaks….


Delman and Lee met at The Groundlings theatre and school when Delman was in a show with Lee’s roommate, and close friend Laura Hughes. Lee saw Delman, and knew she had to have him- Delman saw Lee, and thought she touched him too much.

After Lee THREW herself at Delman constantly, finally, through a series of pep talks from their aforementioned friend Laura, they went on a date. They had burgers, rolled down a grass hill, laughed THE ENTIRE TIME, it was great. It was also the beginning of an incredible 5 year love fest.

That’s right, 5 years, which is a lot to recap. So here are the Highlights…

Acting– Both of these idiots are actors, horrible we know, but they don’t seem to possess any other skill-sets… and they’re extremely passionate about it, and want to change the world through laughter-blah, blah, blah. Delman is an successful commercial actor, and Lee makes weird videos on the internet. We looked into getting a sponsorship for this wedding, but apparently that’s not how it works.

Comedy– These turkeys met doing sketch comedy, so it only makes sense that they do perform together, which they have, more than twice, and it was great.

Travel– Lee wasn’t much of a traveler before she met Delman, this was one of the many things that he has been able to introduce her to, that she inevitably fell deeply in love with. A veteran of travel Delman has brought Lee all over the world- and she’s loved it… It’s weird to write in third person about yourself… Here’s pictures.

Antiquing– Yeah, you read it right, we love antiques, and weird things, and estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, the odder the better we always say! (I said it once, he said “what?”, then went back to typing on his computer.)

BEER– One of the things that Delman and Lee connected on was Beer; their love of it, their passion for it, the joy of it. Specifically IPA. They have been known to take multiple suitcases to Portland only to fill one up ENTIRELY with beer.  In fact, Delman’s father ( an awarded micro-brewer)  will be brewing a special wedding beer based on the things they love the most about beer.  Here they are loving beer- you get it.

Weasel– The best thing they have ever done in this world is adopt a dog named Mr. Weasel, and loved him as their own. If you ever have he pleasure of meeting him, you will see what a FRIGGIN treasure he is. He’s family, we know he’s a dog.

Adventures– From watching movies in a cemetery, to camping all over California, road trips, Burning man, amazing friendship journeys, Museums, filling the couch with farts while mowing through 18 hours of television, fabulous holiday parties, you name it these kids are into it. These kids are also into each other, BIG TIME. In a world of fear, panic, uncertainty, these monsters feel incredibly lucky to have found each other. To find someone who supports you, cherishes you and challenges you- all while laughing the entire time- really is a thing of beauty. Hence why we’re getting hitched. LOOK- ADVENTURES!